Carrier Cool Cash Rebates

Save $50 to $1,450 on qualifying Carrier equipment. Call for details.

Ameren Missouri Heating and Cooling Program Rebates

Ameren Missouri has several rebate programs for their residential electric customers to promote energy saving.

Ameren Missouri Heating and Cooling Program Rebates:

  • $500-$650 Replacing Air Source Heat Pump with an Air Source Heat Pump
  • $250-$500 Replacing Central Air Conditioner
  • $800-$900 Replacing AC and Electric Furnace with an Air Source Heat Pump
  • $800-$2,000 Geothermal Heat Pump

Click here for more information on Ameren Missouri’s Heating and Cooling Program rebates.

Cuivre River Rebate Program HVAC Rebates

Cuivre River members’ can take advantage of rebates on water heaters, heat pumps and geothermal systems that will reduce demand for energy while providing lifetime benefits and energy savings!
Cuivre River Rebates*:

  • $750/Ton Ground Source Heat Pump (Geothermal)
  • $150/Ton Dual Fuel Heat Pump
  • $50 Electric Tank Water Heaters 90%+ Efficient

*Click Here for more information on Cuivre River Rebates.

Need Help Sorting Through The Heating and Air Conditioning Rebates Available to You?
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