hvac hybrid heat

Carrier’s Hybrid Heat® System is a dual fuel system consisting of an Infinity® heat pump, gas furnace and thermostat.  The Hybrid Heat® System uses both gas and electric to heat your home.  This super smart system does all the thinking for you.  It reads the outside temperature and selects gas or electric, whichever fuel source is most cost-effective for the conditions, to keep your home nice and warm.

Innovative Hybrid Heat Systems

When it’s cool outside, but not polar vortex cold, the heat pump is all you’ll need to heat your home. The Hybrid Heat® System knows this, so it’ll use the electric heat pump, not gas, which will save fossil fuel and make your utility bill lower.

When freezing temperatures arrive, the Hybrid Heat® System knows that the heat pump will not be able to effectively heat your home to keep you comfortable, so it automatically switches to using your gas furnace, keeping you warm and cozy on frigid winter days and nights.

Once warmer temperatures arrive, the Hybrid Heat® System has you covered!  The heat pump also works just like an air conditioner, so when the heat is on, your heat pump will keep you cool as a cucumber!

This intelligent, energy efficient system does it all without you having to think about a thing!  You get the best of both worlds and see energy savings all year long.  For more information or a free estimate on the Hybrid Heat® System, call or contact us today.