Q: What are Air Comfort Service Inc.’s Regular Hours of Operation?
A: At Air Comfort Service Inc. you can reach us in the office from 7:00am – 5:00pm Monday through Friday. We understand that Saturdays are a busy day for home improvement projects and work around the house, so we have an operator in the office on Saturdays to answer your calls. Additionally, we offer our 24/7 Emergency Repair Services (314) 480-3384 serving the Greater St. Louis Metropolitan Area.

Q: How Can I Schedule HVAC Maintenance or Regular Service for My Heating and Cooling Systems?
A: We at Air Comfort Service Inc. would be more than happy to set up regular service and maintenance for any and all of our customers in the Greater St. Louis area. Simply, call us or visit our “Contact Us” page:

Q: How Can I Get Quotes on Replacements and Installations of Heating and Cooling Systems, as Well As Find Out About HVAC Products?
A: We at Air Comfort Service Inc. are always happy to offer our assistance with navigating the waters of replacement and installation of new HVAC systems. Simply, call us or visit our “Contact Us” page:

Q: What are the Various Forms of Payment Accepted by Air Comfort Service Inc. for the Various HVAC Services You Offer?
A: We at Air Comfort Service Inc. always accept cash, checks, and all major forms of credit cards on HVAC installations, replacements, service and repairs. Financing is also available with approved credit.

For Any and All Questions that Were Not Addressed in This Section, Please Contact Us and One of Our Helpful and Knowledgeable Staff Can Answer Additional Questions.